Difference Between Pakistani And Indian Culture

Pakistani and Indian cultures are often mixed up by those who are unaware.

However, there are cultural differences that are present and will show for a long time to come.


Pakistan Is An Islamic Nation

It is important to note religion is a major factor when it comes to culture in this part of the world. In fact, religion was one of the main reasons why the partition took place in 1947. So, it has an influence on how people are in the two nations.

Pakistan is renowned for having a traditional, Islam-first setup while India is based around Hinduism.

Meat Vs. Veggie Cuisines

The food is a major part of any culture, and that is where a few differences do lie. Pakistani food is heavily focused on meat because it is allowed in Islam. However, since Hinduism is a majority religion in India, meat dishes are frowned upon because they go against the faith.

India also has a range of cuisines due to the multicultural layout it has from one end to the other.


There is a real difference in what people wear on a day-to-day basis. The salwar kameez is a classic Pakistani dress see here at Salai Shop for pakistani clothes and is seen being worn by most people in the streets of Pakistan. While in India, the casual dress is the sari.

Of course, both sides do wear the other’s dresses from time to time, but in general, they stick to their own.

These are the major differences when it comes to the cultures and what makes them unique. These nations have a lot of historical similarities, but over time, some differences have started to establish themselves.

These nations have illustrated there are parts that are dissimilar to each other due to geographical divisions and everything that comes with this reality.