Acura TLX Car Review

The Specials listing Acura TLX models have showcased a shift towards several modern upgrades. Even the design of the exterior seems more “futuristic” overall. While it shouldn’t matter nearly as much as it does, everyone knows that the appearance of any car plays a major part in its appeal. As far as midsize luxury sedans go, the TLX is both sharp and sporty. You’ll feel like a million bucks no matter where you happen to be on your way too!

The interior is also of particularly high quality. The seating is immensely comfortable, and everything on the dashboard and console is laid out in a very intuitive and user-friendly fashion. There’s a dual screen radio that might throw some people off at first, but it works brilliantly. The only potential sticking point is whether you’re a fan of the push-button ignition design, but its convenience is undeniable.

Of course, the 2017 Acura TLX also has it where it counts most: the handling! Driving this car is a real joy. The engine is a V6 that offers close to 300 horsepower. You’ll notice that the peal is on the lighter side, so those of you with a lead foot will need to take it a bit easy!

The transmission is an eight-speed, dual clutch style, and there’s a torque converter equipped. When combined with the highly precise all-wheel steering, you’ll find that this car will always leave you feeling in full control. There’s nothing quite like being behind the wheel of a well-oiled new machine that’s running at peak performance. Better yet, the Acura TLX has an integrated dynamics system that can change the responsiveness of the car in various ways. It’s truly riveting cycling between the options to find which is best suited to your personal taste!

Overall, there’s no denying the high quality of this car. It offers an excellent solution for those that want to remain sensible while still being able to go full throttle now and then. If you’re in the market for one of 2017’s latest and greatest sedan offerings, look no further!