The Relationship Between Mental Health And Crime

mental-health-1420801_640In recent studies, only 7.5 percent of crimes were related to those who suffer from mental health issues. These included mental health issues of depression, schizophrenia, and bipolar disorder.

According to the APA Law Journal of Human Behavior, there were no direct links to criminal behavior and mental health. While two-thirds of the offenders had committed crimes that were related to their mental health issues, the rest were unrelated and due to circumstances such as poverty.

A small percentage of the group were repeat offenders that committed the same types of crime time and again. It was not conclusive as to whether or not this was directly related to their mental health issues or not.

Currently, in the United States alone, there are 1.2 million persons who are incarcerated that have some form of mental illness. There are also many who are on some form of probation or parole.

After several studies, it has become clear that most of these persons were not committing crimes due to their mental health issues, but rather to circumstances such as poverty and opportunity.

In this study, two-thirds of the persons were male and they were all the average age of 40. Dividing them into race, there was an even ratio of African Americans and Caucasian. The remaining 16 percent were made up of other diverse races.

The only thing that the studies didn’t address were whether or not there was substance abuse involved. After all the studies were in, it was determined that perhaps what was really needed was for there to be more mental health services that may be helpful to the offenders in preventing more crimes from happening.

Prevention could also include help for those who are addicted to drugs and alcohol which may make them more prone to committing crimes.

Using an Autoresponder to Automate Your Email Marketing

Email marketing is a powerful tool for businesses wanting to take the next step with their company.

It is not easy to acquire leads from any industry like medical,electronics, fashion and many more, but the conversion rate on email lists is hard to ignore for those who want to take the next step and dominate.

Here are the benefits of using an autoresponder for those who want to harness the power of an email list without doing all of the legwork that comes along with the process.

1) Simplifies Repetitive Tasks

This is the biggest benefit because there are so many tasks that have to be done manually when you don’t have an autoresponder. This can be something as simple as a series of emails that will be sent to each subscriber at a set time during the week.

2) Automated Replies

You will be able to automate the replies that are being sent out, and that is good for those who are looking to schedule how they do things. The same applies to the emails you want to send out. You won’t have to do it manually.

3) Organized List

It is also important to understand the autoresponder is going to organize the list and make sure things are being done in a stable pattern. You can end up missing emails when you are doing this manually, and that is a risk people don’t want to take.

You want to get a lot out of the list, and the autoresponder is going to aid in this matter.

These are the benefits of using an autoresponder for email marketing in this day and age for those who are looking to move things along at a fair pace and want to generate a higher conversion rate. You will notice a change in your results quickly.

Do Daily Vitamin Pills Help Health?

pills-and-vitaminsMany people believe in their daily ritual of taking a pill every morning to boost their body’s nutrient levels and improve health. However, is science behind this costly ritual? Studies have shown that, in many cases, the answer may be surprising.

Multivitamin pills designed to provide nutrients can be useful, but only for certain people. Studies show that if you have a balanced diet and get enough nutrients from food, multivitamins are nothing but expensive sugar pills. In most cases, vitamins beyond the recommended minimums will only be expelled from the body without benefit.

However, this is not the case for everyone. Many Americans have diets that are lacking in crucial nutrients. This leads to malnutrition, which can be the cause of a weak immune system, an unstable mood, and many other issues, depending on severity. In this case, a daily multivitamin can make a big difference in getting those trace nutrients that a person’s diet may lack.

Obviously, the best solution to this problem is an improved diet, rather than a multivitamin. However, setting up an entirely balanced diet is time consuming and expensive, and many people do not have the resources to accomplish this. In this case, a multivitamin can be a quick and easy way to compensate for a less than ideal diet.

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Many people take a multivitamin as an insurance policy, to ensure that they are getting at least a baseline level of nutrients each day regardless of what they eat. In this way, multivitamins can be a worthwhile investment, even if most of the vitamins go to waste.

While eating right is the best way to stay healthy, vitamin supplements have their place in most diets. If you are unsure if you are suffering from malnutrition, try a daily multivitamin and see if it works for you. Before try this stay up to date about the contain of pills.

How Registered Behavioral Therapists Can Help Children

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A lot of children struggle with behavioral issues at some point in their lives. It’s not always a sign of bad parenting. Sometimes a child may have ADHD or autism, or be struggling because of a bad environment at school. Sometimes they are acting out frustrations for another reason, and they just need a helping hand from someone who is an expert in working with children to help them to show their emotions and control their behavior in a productive way.

Behavioral therapists help children to understand what they are feeling and what is going on in their lives. They assist them to cope with the difficulties that they are having, and to understand how to release their frustration and communicate their issues in a positive way.

Some children respond well to punishment; others need to be reasoned with in other ways. Some can be treated like miniature adults; others need help to find an outlet for their emotions. You cannot use one-size fits all approach with children, and a good therapist understands that.

The challenge is finding one that is qualified. Some therapists, especially ones that are attached to schools or religious organizations, favor specific methods and aren’t very flexible. This can backfire if the way that the therapist prefers is not something that your child will respond to. Therapists that are qualified through proper medical or psychiatric courses will understand how to relate to children and identify their needs, how to spot signs of abuse (And therefore potentially save a child if their behavioral issues are caused by abuse at school or from a family friend). They also understand how to put together a useful program that the child will respond to, so they get back on track at school and in the home.

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