How Breast Augmentation Works in Jacksonville NC


Breast implant surgery – also commonly known as breast enlargement or augmentation – is the most common form of cosmetic surgery done in the US, UK, France, Germany and many other western countries. It is estimated that more than 80, 000 such procedures are carried in the US alone every year.

Why is breast augmentation done?

Breast augmentation can be used for two purposes:

. Cosmetic – to enhance the shape and size of the breast

. Reconstructive – to reconstruct/rebuild the breast mound after mastectomy (the surgical removal of the breasts, most done in order to treat breast cancer)

Generally, breast augmentation used purely for cosmetic reasons is quite expensive and is paid for privately. Breast augmentation procedure can be performed in a hospital, doctors’ office or surgery center. The patient may have to stay overnight in the hospital or may be able to head home afterward. The surgery can be done either under local anesthesia (patient remains awake during surgery) or under general anesthesia (medicine is given to the patient to make them sleep). However, most women end up receiving general anesthesia for this surgery.

How it works

The implants used in breast augmentation are small medical grade sacs, made of an elastomer shell with a self-filling valve located on either the back or front. Breast implants are filled with a saline solution or a silicone gel. Some implants are filled before surgery, but most are post-filled. It is this fill-up that ends up blowing the implants like a water balloon in order to increase the size of the breast. It’s important to understand that although silicone implants are still available, they are rarely used because the FDA banned their use in the US back in 1992.

Breast implants come in a variety of sizes and shapes. Their size is measured in cubic centimeters (ccs) and they end up increasing the size of a breast by one cup size every 170 to 200 ccs.

Generally, implants are available in three sizes, and the size of the implant used depends on the size of the breasts and the patient’s desired outcome. Going for an implant that is too large can bring about serous surgical complications.

Where to have breast augmentation

Thinking about jacksonville nc breast augmentation? Well, this one of the best places where world-class medical services are offered including all manner of cosmetic surgery. Breast surgeons must be certified by the relevant medical authorities in order to ensure they meet the highest service standards. Remember to also carry out a thorough research on the medical facility as well as the surgeons before a breast augmentation in the jacksonville north carolina area is done on you.